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The Curious Case of a Girls' School

Almost everyone who has seen my class 10th marksheet has asked me this very question "Did you appear for class 10th exam as a private student?" and they had a reason to ask, for my marksheet mentioned the school name as "St. Joseph's Convent Girls' Hr. Sec. School" and only possible reason they could think of, was that it might've been the exam centre. I no longer show the marksheet to anyone, since owing to technological advancements made in these years, people may change the question. For the record, No, I didn't convert! Then why did the marksheet had that weird occurrence of "Girls'"? This question is what I want to address in this post once and for ever. My father, now retired, worked for a  public sector bank and as such had a transferable job. After I had finished class 5, he had to move to this city called Saugor. I guess there were fewer schools in the city at that time (we are talking about 33 years ago). There was a state r