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Learning ProcessingJS, While Sketching Sudoku Puzzle

Sudoku has been sort of "Hello World" for me, whenever I sat down to learn a new computer language or framework. This lead to various versions of "Sudoku Tutor" that I developed using Excel (yes, that Microsoft one!), VBScript, vanilla Javascript, JQuery, Chrome App framework and so on.  When I drew first Sudoku using Canvas element in HTML, it didn't impress me. The code I had to write was much complicated then any others I had previously written. Then I found ProcessingJS on Khan Academy . It made working with Canvas much simpler and soon I could prepare printable Sudoku, Kakuro, Loop-the-Loop and Hitori puzzles. That was in 2015. Back to present... I decided to sit again relearning ProcessingJS sans Khan Academy, and develop Sudoku player to play on mobile phone. The result, as of now, is something that you can see in video at bottom where I solved 2 Sudoku, 2 Loops and one each of Kakuro and Hitori in around 35 minutes. We will start with a plain ske