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Sketching Jigsaw Sudoku - Using ProcessingJS / Part 2

It's almost a month since I last posted on Sketching Sudoku using ProcessingJS . Let's take that code ahead to draw a Jigsaw Sudoku. Jigsaw Sudoku, also referred as Irregular Sudoku by some sites, also has 9x9 grid similar to a Classic Sudoku. What makes it different is the shape of 9 regions which were 3x3 grids in a classic one. In Jigsaw Sudoku each region would have 9 cells but grouped in somewhat random shapes. Technically speaking, we had hard-coded the locations where the thick lines would be drawn in previous post. Now we would have to remove that and write a code that can draw a Jigsaw Sudoku. Let's target the Jigsaw Sudoku that appeared on today . Let's assign a number 1-9 to each region and represent the entire puzzle layout in a single string. layout="111222223111222233111444333555543336555546666577746666777444888779999888799999888" The command below will break the string into a two dimensional array of size 9x9. Of course